Historically, coyotes were most commonly found on the Great Plains of North America. Their range now extends from Central America to the Arctic. Except for Hawaii, coyotes live in all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. More coyotes exist today than when the U.S. Constitution was signed. Almost no animal in America is more adaptable to changing conditions than the coyote. Coyotes can live just about anywhere.

They are found in deserts, swamps, tundra, grasslands, brush, and dense forests, from below sea level to high mountains. They have also learned to live in suburbs and cities like Denver, Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix. ~USDA Wildlife Services~
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WI DNR Coyote Fact Sheet
Coyote Hazing Fact Sheet
Coyote Hazing Fact Sheet
Coyotes in Towns and Suburbs
Coyotes in Towns and Suburbs
What to do about coyotes
What to Do About Coyotes
10 fascinating facts about urban coyotes
10 Fascinating Facts
Avoiding Conflicts
Avoiding Conflicts
Why Killing Doesn't Work
Why Killing Coyotes Doesn't Work
Solving Problems

Solving Problems With Coyotes
Preventing Coyote Conflicts
Preventing Coyote Conflicts

Preventing problems & keeping your pets safe:


  • Do respect coyotes as wild animals - they will lose their instinct to be wary of people if they begin to associate food with a human presence.
  • If you see a coyote, talk loudly, use noise makers, throw stones and sticks to warn/scare it off.
  • Feed your pet indoors - or if you do feed your pet outdoors, promptly remove the food dish after the feeding.
  • Remove your bird feeders and outdoor pet food containers - coyotes will prey upon the small mammals that are attracted to them.
  • Store pet food indoors.
  • Put trash inside.
  • Accompany your pet outside and speak loudly to warn/scare off coyotes. Be extra watchful between dusk and dawn. Also be especially cautious when you let your pet out first thing in the morning.


  • Do not feed coyotes!
  • Do not provide food and water for other wildlife - coyotes will prey upon them in your yard.
  • Do not let your pet run free outside - coyotes may view cats as prey, and dogs as a threat to their food base.