Former Church Property Orchard Street

Next Meeting:  Plan Commission for individual home approvals date TBD based on submittals  (Agendas)

At this meeting commissioners are being asked to make two recommendations; first state law requires that the Comprehensive Land Use Plan be consistent with the proposed zoning and, therefore, the Comprehensive land Use Plan must be amended from the institutional classification for the school site. Following a recommendation to change the Land Use Plan the Plan Commission will then recommend rezoning the former church portion of the development from the I-1 Institutional District to the B-3 Office and Professional Service District. The PDO (Planned Development Overlay District) will then be recommended to be applied across the entire site.

This is the first public meeting taking up the most recent development application for this site. State law requires a public hearing not less than 30 days from the Plan Commission recommendation to the Village Board. The public hearing, where citizens will have the opportunity to speak about the project, is scheduled for January 20th, 2019 @ 6pm. Future meeting dates to consider detailed site plans, detailed architectural plans, and a developer's agreement  will be based on submittal deadline dates and posted on the Village website.

Site Plan

Orchard Street Concept Architecture

Development Application

Planned Development Overlay Petition


ALTA Survey

Village Planner Review/Recommendation

Zoning Map

Land Use Map