What is the Board of Review?

The Board of Review is held after the Open Book.  Taxpayers who feel their assessment doesn’t reflect the actual market value of their property may appear before the Board of Review to formally object to their assessed value.  Taxpayers present evidence as to what they feel market value should be and the assessor presents evidence on how the assessment was derived.  The Board hears the evidence and makes a final decision on the assessed value of the property.  NOTE: You must provide written or oral evidence of your intent to file an objection with the municipal Clerk at least 48 hours before the Board of Review’s first scheduled meeting.  You can obtain an objection form from your municipal Clerk.  The objection form must be filed with the Clerk during the first 2 hours of the Board’s first scheduled meeting.  Make sure you file a completed form, or the Board may refuse to act on your appeal.

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