Thiensville Grows

Thiensville's elected officials had determined there was a need for law enforcement service in the community when the Village was incorporated in 1910. From incorporation until 1965 law enforcement service was provided by either a Village Marshall or Village Constable on a part-time basis. As the community grew so did the need for more police service.

The First Chief

In 1965 the position of Chief of Police for the Thiensville Police Department was created. Edmund Klumb served as the Village's first police chief from 1965 - 1967. He was assisted during this time by several part-time officers.

A Full Time Police Force

As the Village continued to grow Kenneth Tushaus was hired as the Village's police chief in 1967. Chief Tushaus was charged with creating a police department for the village to provide full-time 24 hour police protection. Through his efforts the Village achieved that goal in 1969 with the Thiensville Police Department providing round the clock service to the Village.

Police Chiefs

5 men have served as Chief of Police for the Thiensville Police Department since it was formal organized in 1967 These men are Edmund Klumb, 1965-1967, Kenneth Tushaus, 1969-1989, Charles Young, 1990-1991, Richard Preston 1991-2012, Scott Nicholson 2012-present.

The Police Station

The Thiensville Police Department originally occupied two rooms in the former Village Hall and Fire Station on the corner of Green Bay Road and Main Street. In the Spring of 1974 the department moved to its present location in the Thiensville Municipal Center at 250 Elm Street.

The Mission

Through the years the personnel, equipment and make-up of the community may have changed but the mission of the Thiensville Police Department has remained the same. The department has always endeavored to provide quality police service to the Village and to be responsive to the needs of the community