Drop-Off Location

Village of Thiensville Yard Waste Facility

The Public Works yard is located at 132 W Freistadt. It is also the site of the Village's yard waste facility. You may bring brush, grass clippings, and leaves only. Residents may pick up wood mulch and compost only.

Other materials stored at the public works yard are not available for resident pickup. The Yard Waste Facility is open from sunup to sundown 365 days a year. Access to the facility is controlled with an access card available for purchase at the Village Hall for $20.

As a Reminder

The yard waste facility is for Thiensville residents and Thiensville yard waste only. The facility is monitored by cameras.

Commercial contractors are permitted to use the yard waste facility provided they have a contractor card and the yard waste is from Thiensville. Hazardous waste materials, tires, electronics, and are not permitted at the Village's yard waste facility.

Waste Oil

Waste oil is also collected at the yard waste facility. Only used motor oil may be deposited in the tank. A dumpster for oil containers is located next to the tank.

All other petroleum-based liquids must be handles as household hazardous waste.