Fire Code Review and Permitting

Welcome! We are so glad that you have chosen Thiensville for your business! Please fill out and submit an Occupancy and Building Information Sheet. We keep this information on file in case we need to contact you in the event of an emergency. This form also will assist in the distribution of our biannual fire inspection notices.  

Any change in business occupancy or use may warrant the need for additional updates to the building and equipment since the previous owners may have been grandfathered in by outdated code requirements.

If you plan on doing any remodeling or construction for your business, you will need to follow the appropriate permitting process.  In the Village of Thiensville, the process is unique. The Thiensville Fire Department has partnered with the North Shore Fire Department to assist us in the plan review and permitting process.

Prior to any work beginning on a property, it is required that the owner submit plans to the Village of Thiensville Building Inspector, and the North Shore Fire Department.  All fire department-related permit forms, fees, and directions can be found on the North Shore Fire Department website. Submissions and fees will be paid to them.  It is important to note that because the North Shore Fire Department does all of the fire and life safety fees and permits. There are no additional fees required by the Thiensville Fire Department.  

we strongly encourage you to contact Assistant Chief Joel Deutsch of the Thiensville Fire Department for pre-construction meetings and questions.  These pre-construction meetings have been invaluable to owners that have taken advantage of them, as it eliminates costly surprises related to fire and life safety codes

The Village of Thiensville is a delegated authority for fire detection and suppression systems. Traditionally, the state plan review can be behind as much as 16 weeks.  This means, either your project will be on hold during that time or you may work at your own risk, which may later cost additional time and money to make the necessary changes.  With the delegated authority, the North Shore Fire Department will perform the state plan review at the same time as our local review.  This will expedite the process in which your project can be completed! However, a separate set of plans and fees will need to be submitted.  Please follow the SBD-118 form and utilize the fees as outlines inTable 302.31-2 on the form.  There is a minimum fee of $75 for the review, plus the other applicable fees.