Fire Inspections

The Thiensville Fire Department is required by the state of Wisconsin to perform biannual fire inspections.  The first will occur between January 1 and June 30.   The second will be between July 1 and December 31.  As we are a part-time organization, please be patient with the scheduling of our fire inspectors.  Fire inspectors will likely show up during normal business hours when your business is due for an inspection.  These generally take less than 30 minutes depending upon the building size and safety features.  Any noted violations will be documented and provided to a representative on site.   Additionally, a time frame will be identified to correct any violations and a reinspection will be scheduled.  If a time frame is not specified, and a reinspection is not scheduled, then the corrections are to be made prior to the next inspection period.  It is our goal as fire inspectors to obtain voluntary compliance and corrective action for violations to improve the life safety of your business.